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C–Tech & Sales Tech


Real Power, In Your Hands And In Your Store


All handheld units are not created equal.  They may look alike on the outside, but there's a world of difference when you compare the software on the inside.


We've spent years researching, refining and improving the tools used in stores by our reps and your operators.  And the simple fact is, they're better than anything else around.


Sales Tech

When our reps make their regular visits to your stores, they can do a whole lot more than drink coffee and straighten shelves.  They can access a vast database of up-to-the-minute information about every corner of the store, and instantly act on it to:

  • Print shelf tags
  • Update planograms
  • Analyze store categories
  • Access real-time sales trend data
  • Issue instant credits, and more



The units that your store operators use offer instant access to an amazing wealth of data and tools, including:

  • Planogram analysis
  • Sales data
  • Allowance information
  • Inventory reporting
  • Order reminders
  • Movement reports
  • Email

As a result, your managers get the right information at the right time.  So they can take better control of inventory, and quickly spot opportunities to increase profits and drive sales higher. 



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