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    SoHo Sweet Unicorn Gummy

Enjoy your favorite classic candy treat with LIFESAVERS Butter Rum hard candy. The old-time favorite with the hole in the middle. (GP: 46%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 089078 | LIFESAVERS Butter Rum, 20 each



Available Sizes

20ct / SRP $1.39

Wine-infused salami, natural white cheddar cheese, and crisp toasted rounds come together in Hillshire snacking small plates for a grown-up twist on snack time. This wine-infused salami, cheese, and cracker meal appetizer snack kit features chef-curated ingredients and flavors, such as the spice of cured salami and rich notes of garlic, for a truly, elevated snacking experience. ( GP: 35%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 027284 | Hillshire Bistro Salami / White Cheddar Cheese, 1/2.8oz


Tyson Foods
Available Sizes

2.8 oz. / SRP $4.09

Experience North America’s premium flavored sparkling water. Sure to be more than just the most satisfying, thirst-quenching, reward-sparling water you’ve ever enjoyed. (GP: 39%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 388660 | Clearly Canadian Blackberry, 12/325mL
  • 388678 | Clearly Canadian Cherry, 12/325mL
  • 388686 | Clearly Canadian Raspberry, 12/325mL
  • 388694 | Clearly Canadian Peach, 12/325mL


Clearly Canadian
Available Sizes

325mL, SRP $3.49

The unique double-layered candy is now infused with concentrated apple puree and other natural flavors for a true-to-life, extra juicy mouth-watering taste experience. All infrusions flavors, including Juice Peach, Juicy Blood Orange, and Juicy Strawberry are made with all-natural flavors and coloring. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 095885 | Hi Chew Infrusions SUP Bag, 7/4.24oz.


Available Sizes

4.24oz / SRP $4.49

Herr’s Creamy Ranch Habanero chips are a tasty way to satisfy your hunger between meals. They feature a delicious combination of the finest ingredients made with a time-tested recipe, creating a flavorful snack that is sure to please. They are enjoyable any time of the day. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 205062 | Herr’s Ranch Habanero Chips, 12/2.75oz.


Available Sizes

2.75oz / SRP $2.09

All the lavishness of a small plate – curated into a fancy poppable snack. These all-natural snack plates feature chef-curated ingredients and are perfectly proportioned for snacking on-the-go. (GP: 35%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 027284 | Bistro Hillshire Salami/Wht Cheddar, 1/2.8oz.
  • 027318 | Bistro Hillshire Pepperoni/Mont. Jack, 1/2.8oz.


Tyson Foods
Available Sizes

2.8oz / SRP $4.09

Stuffed Puffs Big Bites are fluffy delicious marshmallows filled with equally delicious fillings like real milk chocolate. One Bite into a Big Bite and you’ll think twice about what makes a sweet taste like a “treat.” Because at Stuffed Puffs, Life’s More Fun Filled. (GP: 43%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 117259 | Stuffed Puffs S’mores Big Bites, 12/2pk
  • 117267 | Stuffed Puffs Birthday Cake Big Bites, 12/2pk


Stuffed Puffs
Available Sizes

2pk, SRP $1.59

A little heat is nothing to be scared of! Herr’s has combined the flavor of this little heat monster with the delicious ripple potato chips to bring you one smokin’ hot snack. If you like it hot, you won’t be desappointed. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 205104 | Herr’s Ghost Pepper Chips, 12/2.5oz.


Available Sizes

2.5oz, SRP $2.09

Introducing the unique taste experience that is CUP NOODLES STIR FRY RICE with NOODLES! Each convenient microwavable cup comes with long-grain rice, bite-sized stir fry noodles and assorted veggies in delicious take-out-inspired flavors: Japanese Teriyaki Chicken, Korean Spicy Beef, and Thai Yello Curry. That’s right. Cup Noodles isn’t just noodles anymore… (GP: 35%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 455154 | Nissin Rice/Noodles Chicken Teriyaki, 6/2.75oz.
  • 455162 | Nissin Rice/Noodles Beef Spicy, 6/2.68oz.
  • 455170 | Nissin Rice/Noodles Thai Yello Curry, 6/2.61oz.


Available Sizes

2.75oz, SRP $2.99

Bring the creamy goodness of almond milk to your pantry with silk shelf-stable unsweetened almond milk. Featuring a pure, silky-smooth taste and just 30 calories per serving, It makes a perfect non-dairy alternative to milk, and is totally free of dairy, soy, lactose, fluten, casein, egg, and MSG. No refrigeration is necessary. (GP: 35%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 033480 | Silk Almond Milk Unsweetened Aseptic, 1/1Qt.


Available Sizes

1Qt, SRP $4.39

Olli Salumeria makes artisanal, slow-cured, Italian-style meats based on old family recipes handed down over four generations; and continues today to sustain the same process that has provided a flavorful, healthy, and clean salami – simple ingredients and time. All products are ABF and Nitrate-free. Bringing Italy to you. (GP: 34%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 027551 | Olli Sopressata/Cheddar/Crackers, 1/2oz.
  • 027565 | Olli Genoa/Fontina/Crackers, 1/2oz.
  • 027573 | Olli Calabrese/Asiago/Crackers, 1/2oz.
  • 027581 | Olli Prosciutto/Mozz/Crackers, 1/2oz.


Olli Salumeria
Available Sizes

2oz, SRP $4.49

Rehydrate and take care this morning with Pedialyte Apple advanced. A tasty way to get back on track. (GP: 36%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 390302 | Pedialyte Apple, 12/500mL


Abbott Labs
Available Sizes

500mL, SRP $2.39

Taste the vibrant grape flavor of LAFFY TAFFY  in a deliciously stretchy and tangy bar. Grape will become your favorite flavor after just one bite of this tangy taffy. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 086264 | Laffy Taffy Grape, 24 / 1.5oz


Ferrara Candy
Available Sizes

1.5oz, SRP $1.39

Trident Vibes SOUR PATCH KIDS Blue Raspberry gum packs all the fun of your favorite sour candy into a sugar-free gum that delivers a delicious, long-lasting chewing experience. With 35% fewer calories than sugared gum, this sugarless gum has only 5 calories per piece and is coated with a crunchy candy-like shell that’s packed with the irresistible SOUR THAN SWEET flavor of SOUR PATCH KIDS candy. (GP: 42%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 095729 | Trident Vibes SPK Blue Raspberry, 6/40 pc.


Available Sizes

40pc, SRP $4.89

Customers are going to go nuts when they see two of their M&M’s favorites – Peanut M&M’s and Fudge Brownie in one mix. M&M’s Nut Brownie Mix is a collection of crunchy M&M’s Peanut and creamy M&M’s Fudge Brownie for a symphony of textures and flavors. (GP: 43%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 081000 | M&M’s Nut Brownie Mix Share Size, 18/2.5oz.


Available Sizes

2.5oz, SRP $2.89,

Welch’s fruit is made with delicious real fruit and real juices. Try this delicious mixed fruit and enjoy some now or enjoy some later. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: Yes)

  • 071902| Welch’s Mixed Fruit Snacks SUP, 1/8oz.


Promotion in Motion
Available Sizes

8oz, SRP $3.99

Sour Patch Kids Not So Sour Grape Soft & Chewy candy. NEW! Sour then sweet chewy candy treat. The 5oz bag takes your tastebuds to another level with Sour Patch Kids Grape. First, they’re sour. Then they’re sweet. (GP: 42%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 087403 | Sour Patch Grape, 1/5oz.


Available Sizes

5oz, SRP $1.99

Smooth taste. Clean energy. Enjoy a delicious and stimulating blend of taurine, caffeine, and B vitamins, with a crip flavor designed to delight and refresh. (GP: 36%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 383422 | Rush Energy Drink Original, 24/8.4oz.


Rush Energy America
Available Sizes

8.4OZ, SRP $2.49

Packing delicious fruit flavors into each chewy gusher, Fruit Gushers Tropical takes the nostalgic juice-filled treats you’ve come to love and makes them twice as exciting. Real fruit juice lends this snack a little extra oomph! (GP: 34%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 117226 | Gushers Tropical, 1/4.25oz.


General Mills
Available Sizes

4.25oz, SRP $2.59

Step right up to the wonderful world of Zweet! Sweet licorice is available in a variety of flavor and shapes that are sure to satisfy every craving. These candies are a fun treat for everyone and are packed in a convenient go-pack! Isn’t life Zweet. (GP: 42%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 084533 | Zweet Sour Rainbow Belt, 1/4.5oz
  • 084566 | Zweet Sour Strawberry Belt, 1/4.5oz.
  • 084574 | Zweet Sour Strawberry Ropes, 1/4.5oz.
  • 084640 | Zweet Sour Mixed Berry Ropes, 1/4.5oz.
  • 084715 | Zweet Sour Strawberry Spaghetti, 1/4.5oz.
  • 084814 | Zweet Sour Rainbow Spaghetti, 1/4.5oz.


Available Sizes

4.5oz, SRP $2.59

These 10oz containers hold a shareable batch of delicious candy. Perfect for putting out for parties, sharing with friends, or munching on your own! Plus the handy candy tongs make sticky fingers a thing of the past! Resealable and reusable! Isn’t life Zweet! (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 084103 | Zweet Sour Rope Rainbow, 1/10oz.
  • 084111 | Zweet Sour Belt Rainbow, 1/10oz.
  • 084145 | Zweet Sour Belt Green Apple, 1/10oz.
  • 084160 | Zweet Sour Belt Strawberry, 1/10oz.
  • 084178 | Zweet Sour Gummy Worms, 1/10oz.
  • 084186 | Zweet Sour Bear Gummy, 1/10oz.
  • 084269 | Zweet Unicorn Gummy, 1/10oz.
  • 084376 | Zweet Sour Spider Gummy, 1/10oz.
  • 084384 | Zweet Rattle Snack Gummy, 1/10oz
  • 084491 | Zweet Frog Gummy, 1/10oz.


Available Sizes

10oz, SRP $5.49

Delve into these delicious Unicorn Gummies with the perfect amount of chewy texture and truly magical flavor. (GP: 41%, Guaranteed: No)

  • 084509 | SoHo Unicorn Gummy Sweet, 1/8oz.


Available Sizes

8oz, SRP $4.79